Red is back

As the spring comes so do my colors. The first one is my favorite – red.

The medallions are handmade, created from polymer clay using the mil

lefiori tehnique and they are not painted. The canes used are my own. The finishing is done by sanding, buffing, then adding water based polish so that the shine will last longer. If you are interested in more details related to the process of making them visit my blog.

The dimensions are written below every picture. Some of them are sold as written below the picture. I can create something similar but not identical.

The accessories are from silver metal and the included ribbon has a metal clasp.

Available for sale on my DaWanda and Breslo shops. If you are interested you can also send me an email and I will tell you the details.

Upon request I can create other pieces in the style of this collection but not identical.

The time of roses

It’s the time of roses….so it’s the time to recreate them as I see them – full of color. Here are some examples of what kind of roses I can create. They can be bigger (5 cm diameter) or smaller (earrings of 1,5 cm diameter) and any color you like. They can be medallions, earrings, rings, etc. Just write to me and tell me what you like.

The price varies depending on how big the roses you order are. The smallest rose is 6 eur