A special order…

…for a special client in Greece.

All these products are a special order and cannot be recreated. Anyway they show what else I can create in the style of the collections that have been sold. You can use s

ome of the pieces here as an inspiration for your own special request. What is also unusual is that the jewelry is a lot bigger than the normal pieces I create. The medallions are 4-4,5 cm diameter and the rings and earrings are 3 cm diameter. They all looked excellent.

The jewelry is handmade, created from polymer clay using the millefiori tehnique and they are not painted. The canes used are my own. The finishing is done by sanding, buffing, then adding water based polish so that the shine will last longer. If you are interested in more details related to the process of making them visit my blog.

The accessories are from silver metal and the included ribbon has a metal clasp.

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