Color thirst

This summer it seemed that all the shops in town lost the color. The new collections were…..colorless. I got so color thirsty that I had to create these three pieces.

They are unique and cannot be reproduced. I cannot even make something s

imilar since the background I initially created is finished. If you really want something like this, write to me and I will try something new,slightly different, but that I promise will be at least as nice.

The medallions are created from polymer clay using the millefiori tehnique and they are not painted. The finishing is done by sanding, buffing, then adding water based polish so that the shine will last longer.

The dimensions are written below every picture. These medallions are no longer available.

3 Replies to “Color thirst”

  1. Se slefuiesc cu smirghel (3 feluri progresiv – 350,600,1200) apoi se obtine luciul final prin frecarea cu denim si bumbac. Ia o gramada de timp, dar merita din plin 🙂 pentru ca produsele arata foarte bine.

  2. Buna,
    Sunt FOARTE frumoase! Si imi plac in mod special pentru ca au fluturasi 🙂 si ca sunt colorate si facute de tine 🙂
    Te asteapta un premiu la mine pe blog

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